Spring 2019 Classes

Spain and Latin America Cultures

Edith Garciduenas, 5-week session, starts: April 8
This interactive and visual course captures the essence of 5 countries with an in-depth exploration of the history, literature, traditions, cuisine, landscape, art and architecture of Spain, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica.… Register Now

Quilts: Women’s Voice In Politics And Art

Charlene O’Rourke, MA, 2-week session, starts: April 10
Throughout American history, women have used their needles as a means of artistic and political expression. In the 70s, quilts leapt off the bed and onto walls as art quilts, a daring new art form now recognized in museums and galleries around the world.…Register Now

Ex-Machina: The Paradox Of Being Human In The Digital Age

Dr. Tony Kashani, 4-week session, starts: April 25
Studying film, TV and video games, learn how social media and artificial intelligence challenge our understanding of what it means to be human and how social interaction is altered by the acceleration of time and the collapse of space.…Register Now

The Glory That Was Greece

Salvador Diaz, 6-week session, starts: April 24
From the Minoans to the Hellenistic Age, this course looks at the power and uniqueness of Sparta, the splendor of Athens and the Empire of Alexander the Great while exploring the traditions that have become an important part of today’s Western culture.…Register Now

Re-Imagining Elderhood

Gary Hermes, MA, 4-week session, starts: May 30
Using humor and experience, Gary Hermes teaches seven optimal aging strategies that promote continued growth, personal expression and deep enjoyment. Students receive a workbook designed to help create their own version of what it means to be an empowered elder.…Register Now

Eve Was Framed: The Processes And Consequences Of Making Mythical Enemies

Dr. Eric Thompson, 2-week session, starts: May 13
Learn how theologians mistranslated the story of Adam and Eve to suppress women and religious minorities in ancient times. Then follow the breadcrumbs of history to the witch hunts of the Middle Ages to modern examples of the same harmful process of scapegoating and prosecution.…Register Now


The Folk Legends / March 29

Former Kingston Trio singers George Grove and Rick Dougherty team up with Jerry Siggins to perform an evening of songs from the great Folk Era of the 50s through the mid-70s.…Reserve A Seat

San Francisco Lamplighters / June 1

Back by popular demand, join in the fun as the San Francisco based Lamplighters perform selections from the comic operas of Gilbert & Sullivan and other works of comparable wit, literacy and musical merit.…Reserve A Seat

David Thom Bluegrass Band / June 13

With a vocal range called staggering, David sings from the deepest bass to the highest falsetto and plays a rhythm guitar. He is joined by the hard driving 5-string banjo of Andy Shaw, the tone of Brian Judd’s mandolin, the aged and knowing fiddle of Paul Shelasky and the rock solid foundation of Jeff King’s bass round out the band.…Reserve A Seat

More Joy / October 4

Oakmont’s very own folk music quartet More Joy will perform at Oakmont’s Berger Center auditorium.…Reserve A Seat

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OLL students Charlene Bunas and Barry Katz. Photo by Julie Kiil.

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