Rick Dougherty, Thursday, December 6, Berger Center, 7:00pm

Lifelong Learning has been notified that one of the members of the Folk Legends band has been hospitalized and will not be able to appear on December 6th. Rather than cancel the show, Former Kingston Trio singer Rick Dougherty has offered to do a solo performance that will include an eclectic mix of well-loved songs from across the decades. Rick has been singing since childhood performing ragtime, jazz, folk, and opera with a beautiful tenor voice that has won praise from singers like Judy Collins, Chet Atkins, Tom Paxton and many others.

For this performance, Lifelong Learning will be offering complimentary light refreshments at intermission.



We need to hear from you: If you would like a refund, please send your request to oakmontlifelonglearning@gmail.com and we will credit your account.
If we do not hear from you, we’ll see you at Rick Dougherty’s concert on December 6th at 7:00 PM at the Berger Center!