Tales From the Foreign Service

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48 in stock

Instructor: Marie Huhtala

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Wednesdays, Sept. 21 – Oct. 26, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, Berger Center

6-week session. Cost: $95

Learn about the Foreign Service through first-hand stories and anecdotes about the challenges, work specialties, security and health risks and the impact on family members. Whether it’s a plane crash, a coup d’etat or a pandemic, see how diplomats rise to the occasion.

Petaluma resident Marie Huhtala is a career diplomat, teacher and student of public affairs, who spent 33 years working in Asia, Canada, Europe and Washington, D.C.

Course Outline

Week 1: What is diplomacy? Overview of the FS and its entry procedures. Special focus on consular services.

Week 2: Structure and pay grades; in-service training. A survey of various posts around the world. Special focus on political reporting.

Week 3: Family life in the FS and career impact on spouses. Housing and living conditions. Special focus on economic reporting.

Week 4: Security and danger. Health risks and attacks on embassies. Special focus on public diplomacy.

Week 5: lntelligence and security agencies posted overseas. Marines and couriers, Locally employed staff. Special focus on management work.

Week 6: The role of the Ambassador. The country team, protocol and diplomatic immunity. The dissent channel. Memorable Secretaries of State I have worked with.

Lifelong Learning will be following all state and county COVID guidelines. Masks are required in OVA facilities. PROOF OF VACCINATION WILL BE REQUIRED.