PEANUTS Through the Decades


Instructor: David Sandri
Thursdays, Jan. 12 – Feb. 16, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, East Rec
6-week session. Cost: $95

Explore the life and work of Charles Schultz whose iconic comic strip Peanuts set the standard for the contemporary comic page. From the 1950’s into the 21st century, discover how the evolution of themes, characters and artistic styles gave Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang a lasting place in society.

David Sandri is a Bay Area instructor with decades of experience in the alcohol industry, currently teaching on the interconnections between social, cultural and historical subjects.

As we near the centennial of the birth of Charles Schulz, we cover the life of the creator of this iconic strip, as well as how the strip set the standard for the contemporary comic page. Even two decades after the end of the original strip run, it remains relevant and influential to this day. Beginning with his early love of the comic strip, we will look at how Charles Schulz became an artist, his early published items (such as pieces in the Saturday Evening Post), and his initial start with his full-time strip. We will look at how Peanuts evolved stylistically, as well as major themes, in the 1950s; the growth of the strip, and the growth of the characters, in the 1960s; ln the 797Os, we focus on issues the artist talked about in his strip; in the 1980s, we look at the place the strip had taken in American life; and in the 1990s, we look at the evolution of themes, characters, and artistic style, that gave this decade an underappreciated nuance. Finally, in the 2000s and beyond, we look at how the strip still has relevance in modern society, the continued growth of fans, as well as the work that the Museum and Research Center continues to do on this iconic strip. For long time fans, as well as new ones, this is a celebration of the gift that Charles Schulz gave the world – Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the whole Peanuts gang.