Gems of the World


Instructor: David Blount-Porter
Mondays, Feb. 20 – March 6, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, Berger Center
6-week session. Cost: $50

Discover how history, geology and politics have all been influenced through the intriguing world of diamonds, gems and pearls. Gemologist David Blount-Porter and his three guests, each an expert, will discuss and display diamonds, gems pearls. Students may have one piece of jewelry cleaned.

David Blount-Porte is a renaissance man: Hopi trained silversmith, certified gemologist appraiser, expert witness for the FBI, actor, composer, pianist and lecturer.

Course Outline:

Four C’s of diamonds – (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight) how to grade a diamond, how to value a diamond, discussion on specific cuts (Hearts on fire diamonds, etc.) famous diamonds in history, DeBeers and current market of diamonds.  

Diamond Dealer Demonstration (show & tell) will bring loose and set diamonds to show and discuss. Demonstration of proper use and handling of diamond tweezers with loose diamonds.  

Special Guest, Hemming Shah, DiAmore Creations  

What is a gem?  How they are valued. Display & discussion of variety of cut gems and jewelry. 

Stories of Burma, Brazil, Africa gem locations Different varieties of gems including Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, Tourmaline, Opals, Quartz and others. 

Special Guest: Ray Miller, Master Gem Cutter, Turning nature’s crystals into works of art. 

Display of cut gems and jewelry with gems 

Display and discussion of different types of pearls, their importance in history and current market and values. 

Special Guest: Princess Yolanda Ortega Stern, (Sultanate of Sulu), author of Sex and the Wild Pearl, (Amazon), Chairman: One World Institute; Founder & Pres Emeritus, Philippine American Chamber of Commerce; Regional Chairperson Lions Club International, San Francisco Chapter.

All Sessions, bring your jewels, diamonds and pearls for show and tell.  

Additionally, we will have a jeweler on site to professionally clean one of your items.