Before the Storm: America from 1815 to 1850
(on Zoom)


Instructor: Mick Chantler 

Mondays, 10/4 – 11/1 and Wednesday, 11/3

3:00 – 5:00, Berger Center

The decades between the Revolutionary Era and the Civil War are often described as our young country’s “adolescence” – exciting and optimistic times, marked by spectacular geographic and economic growth. But there were storm clouds on the horizon – violence, alcoholism, political stresses and the specter of slavery. Explore the fascinating issues of the age and the men and women who grappled with them. 

Instructor Bio: 

Mick Chantler (M.A. History) is a 50-year student and instructor of early American studies and a member of numerous scholarly organizations including the Lincoln Forum and the Society for American Baseball Research 

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